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Same delicious, yet very sophisticated, BBQ, Sauces, Dry Rubs & Seasonings all year long.

What's the difference between Rubs and Seasonings?

Our rubs are developed specifically for smoking. Adding the dimension of smoke and low temperature to your doneness changes the flavor profile of the spices and herbs involved.

Our Seasonings are developed for more traditional cooking methods such as searing, grilling, baking, brazing, and things of that nature, which gives a completely different flavor profile without having the influence of smoke over a longer time.

All our Rub, Seasonings, & Sauces are blended to meet the criteria of Umomi - "Umami is one of the five basic tastes, along with sweet, sour, salty and bitter taste sensations. It's most commonly defined as “savory,” but the characteristics of umami can also be described as “meaty,” “complex” or even just “deliciousness.”

They have been used in a variety of dishes, including eggs, soups, oatmeal, salads, pasta, and even fresh squeezed lemonade, with countless other possibilities waiting to be explored.

These spice blends, rubs, and sauces work to enhance your dining experience.

I believe that the word barbecue comes from "barbacoa" which is Spanish for a Taino word which means a rack made of wood on which meat is roasted over flames. According to normally reliable references, the Taino, indigenous people of the Caribbean (Hispaniola) and Florida, were extinct by about 1610. But it has now been established that they still survive today. The Taino say the word barbecue comes from the Taino language. "Ba" from Baba (Father), "Ra" from Yara (Place) "Bi" from Bibi (Beginning) "Cu" from Guacu (The Sacred Fire). Or, "The beginning place of the sacred fire father." they further explained that "Taino Barabicoa" means "The stick stand with 4 legs and many sticks of wood on top to place the cooking meat." And that, "Taino Barabicu" means "the sacred fire pit".

If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to talk BBQ with, these are the guys I highly recommend. Their friendliness, respect, and passion for all food is what I love about them.

Flavor says it all

When exploring how to smoke competition-grade barbecue with perfection, it’s good to know the essential flavors of various types of BBQ meats. I personally feel that simplicity is usually best. Too many contradicting flavors can take away from the flavor of the meat and will likely overwhelm your taste buds. With barbecue, the woods used during the smoking, the spices used for rubbing, and marinating (if you must) should enhance the flavor of the meat and not overpower it.

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